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    Sigma 18-300 Contemporary lens

    Hi guys, I have a Sigma 18-300 C lens that I love. I sent my old one back to Sigma for repairs last March and was offered a replacement for $299.00, so I jumped on the chance to get a new lens. I got it in May of 2020. Now this lens isn't focusing properly. I have gone through settings etc. to no avail. I can put my Canon 70-300 lens on my 7d mark ii and not have any issues. I am wondering what could be the problem? I can zoom it out to 300 and it might be clear or it might be blurry. If it is blurry, I can usually bring it back in a little, then run it back out to 300 and it will focus properly. Not sure why it will not focus as it should throughout the zoom range. Hoping someone else has had something like this happen and might be able to help me out. Thanks, Steve.