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    SIGMA PHOTO PRO software

    do you use Sigma Photo Pro 6 in your workflow with photos? What is purpose of this program? Why is it better than photoshop, lightroom etc.?

    Photo Pro 6.7.4
    for Windows

    Main Features

    • Color mode can be set to ‘OFF’ for SIGMA fp RAW data (DNG file).
    • Supports still image files created from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the SIGMA fp, and still image files recorded during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode.
    • A color mode "Teal and Orange" has been added for sd Quattro series and dp Quattroseries RAW data (X3F file, X3I file).
    • Improved the thumbnail display speed.
    • Corrected the phenomenon that a DNG file shot on SIGMA fp corrupts when it is edited on SIGMA Photo Pro after edited on other manufacturer's software.
    • The system requirements of the SIGMA Photo Pro has been changed to 4GB or higher RAM (8GB or more is recommended).
    • It has corrected the phenomenon whereby highlighted parts turn to unnatural colors when both color adjustment and X3 Fill Light are used on X3I files.
    • Compatible when editing and development of still images with RAW data (DNG files) taken with the SIGMA fp.
    • Added thumbnail display for movie RAW data (Cinema DNG files) taken with the SIGMA fp.※1
    • It has incorporated the functions of “Distortion correction”, “Diffraction correction”, “Peripheral light correction” and “Shading correction”.※2
    • 「Additional presets have been added such as “High-key” and “Low-key” to the Tone Curve Editor. ※2
    • “Teal & Orange” have been added to the Color Mode.※2
    • Added slider that enables adjustment of the Color Mode effect. ※2
    • Added slider that enables adjustment of the effect for “Tone Color” during the monochrome processing※2
    • It has changed the adjusted width of Fill Light for still image RAW data (DNG files) taken with the SIGMA fp to ±5.0.※2
    • “√2:1” aspect ratio when taking images is now available. ※2
    *1 Movie editing is not possible with the SIGMA Photo Pro. *2 Only compatible with the still image RAW data (DNG files) taken with the SIGMA fp.