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    DC crop mode

    I have a question about the DC crop mode (FF to APS-C).

    Is it right, that the cropped image is still 4K? Well I actually tried it and it seems to be. It is like one of the biggest suprises for me. Until now I just thought, that it crops with loosing all the cropped pixels.

    So theoreticaly - If I have 17mm Lens on Weebill S, I have it stabilized and I do not want to change lenses because it takes time (and new stabilisation). So with this feature I can leave the 17mm lens on the camera, turn on the DC Crop Mode and it will instantly become "like" 25.5mm lens (1.5 crop) without any loose of quality? It will still be 4K, 12bit RAW, only 35mm instead of FF? No other issues? There must be something... or not?

    On the first look it seems, that the DC Crop mode is more noisy. Is there something else to be aware of? If there are no other issues it seems to be absolutely awesome solution for Weebill S (where the lens changing process is a pain in the ass).

    Am I right or not?
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    And of course the depth of field is different. Same things as if you compare Full Frame with APS-C.
    Does it actually mean, that I can switch between Full Frame and APS-C sensor inside one camera (and use common advantages and disadvantages from both of them) with a click of one button? No special downsides? And I can buy APS-C lens and use it with this crop as if I have had the right camera for the lens?


      AFAIK DC crop mode does line skipping or something like that. It's better to shoot in full res and crop in post if your workflow allows for it.