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    CINE / STILL switching

    Hi there! New Fp user here with a question!
    I would like to know if this is normal behaviour:
    I am aware there are separate settings for cine and still.. So I would expect two separate sets of preferences/settings when it says (cine) or (stills) in the preferences... But it seems this is not the case..
    For instance: ISO has a separate cine & still setting.. However when I set ISO to 200 in stills mode, then switch to cine mode and set ISO to AUTO, and then switch back again to stills, it's setting stays AUTO and does not switch back to it's STILLS setting of 200..
    Is this the normal behaviour??

    I could be wrong, but I believe the CINE/STILL buttons just expose different menu parameters. They don't necessary hold different values of the parameters that are the same between the 2 modes.


      Yeah.. probably! I thought that would be sort of 'handy' in some cases, but hey! You can't have it all!