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    Sharpening & Sound

    Hi and excuse the newbie questions...1) With the different colour settings button how much sharpening do we feel is being used? Can you customise the sharpening in each mode? If not apart from "off" which mode would have the lesser amount..."Neutral"?
    2) Is there a way to adjust audio levels within the menu....I can't find it!

    Many thanks FP gurus,

    For your question #2: Go to MENU then toggle RIGHT to go to second SHOOT BLUE tab, then down select Audio Record ON then RIGHT for the sub-menu, there you'll find 'Gain Adjustment' and 'Wind Noise Canceller', in 'Gain Adjustment' you can select 'Auto' or 'Manual', if you select 'Manual' then toggle RIGHT in order to select your manual dB settings of your choice.

    As for your question #1, hummm... difficult to say as for my taste I feel like those setting use sharpening but for some of my friends they feel like they soften the image... Go figure! If you can afford shooting in DNG go that route and the apply whatever setting in NLE... And as for the second part of your question #1, yes you can customise the sharpness and other setting of the image in some colour profiles, here is how! Click COLOR hard button, then select your preferred Colour setting (i.e. Std, Vivid, Ntr, Port, etc), then click the AEL hard button and it will go to a sub-menu where you can customise Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation... Cheers!
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