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    Sigma fp photos

    I would like to create this Topic to upload photos taken by Sigma fp.
    If this topic breaks some rules please delete it.

    Try to mention used lenses and maybe even some story .

    Carl Zeiss Pancolar 50mm/f1,8 M42
    My wife and dog.
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      Wow! Did you add grain to this picture or is this right out of the camera?



        Originally posted by Gualbert View Post
        Wow! Did you add grain to this picture or is this right out of the camera?
        Yes I applied some Grain (I always do) and some basic adjustments like contrast etc. Happy to hear, that you like it (I am actually a little color blind, so it is kind of lottery for me to get the right colors )

        Here is the "straight out of the camera" photo (and few others - feel free to download them and adjust as you like):

        Actually if you could adjust the photo somehow better than I did (which is not so hard, since my skills are very low), I would love to see that. To see what things can be done if the photo is handled by someone skilled.
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          You did great! Loved the grain as it took me on a "time machine" back to the 80's. I am believer of CC being a matter of taste and what each individual like. I hate when people criticize the artistic choices of others. For me, as long as you deliver a clear point and a perspective, and the message came across then you have achieved the goal. The amount of grain you applied was perfect, not too much not to light, just enough to make me look twice and get the feeling of old celluloid delivery! I am trying something similar but in video, so far no luck! :-( Thanks for sharing!


            That is a great attitude . Feel free to post your photos (or videos), I would love to see them!

            Off Topic: Which plugin do you use to achieve grain in video? Or do you use sample grain scan added in the upper layer in NLE? I personally used filmconvert (since it is easy enough for me), but I noticed, that my professional colorist (when he was coloring my short films) used the grain scans in the upper layers of editing tab in Davinci (no plugin).
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              To get back to the original topic, here are two photos taken by another nice lens.

              Tokina SL 17mm/f3,5
              The Black and White photo is my son and it is actually first photo taken with my Sigma FP. Sometimes I have to use the BW, because I know, that I could not handle the colours right. But sometimes the colours seem to be good straight out of the camera, so I can leave them as they are (which for me seems to be the case of the second photo).

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                Yes, I use a free downloaded grain layer in DavinciResolve during my CC. But the problem is getting the right feeling as when you upload to YouTube the compression ruins the grain noise :-( Here is a link of a clip I added free grain to. It is not the Sigma fp but still is a full frame camera and honestly I love both cameras.


                  I'm new in photography, I admitted a course hope post amazing photo soon!