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    Hi I'm Doug and I made this site

    I have had a lot of interest in cameras over the years. I do both photography and video, so I thought the Sigma fp was a perfect camera for me.

    In the past, I've owned Canons, Nikons, Fujis, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras (the OG 2.5K and the OG Pocket 1080p). Currently, I also have a Fuji X-H1 and Sigma quattro H. I made this forum because I don't see another forum dedicated to this camera and its uniqueness.

    I started this forum because most other forums are for Sigma cameras in general, or only cover the photo aspects of this camera, or only cover the video aspects of this camera. I'm hoping to build a community here that is interested in both aspects!

    This forum will always be free and ad-free. I have no current plans on making money on this forum. Welcome and enjoy the stay!

    Thanks Doug for making the site and for letting me join! This rocks! Cheers and please keep safe!


      Welcome Gualbert! Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you share some photos or videos, as I will be soon enough!


        Hi Doug, may I advertise the forum in other Sigma fp groups?


          Originally posted by Gualbert View Post
          Hi Doug, may I advertise the forum in other Sigma fp groups?
          Yes, of course!!


            Thank you Doug. As a new Sigma FP user - I hope this community will grow in time .


              Welcome all, glad you're here!