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    Stabilization options?

    What are people using to stabilize the fp for filmmaking?

    I’m leaning towards getting the Zhiyun Weebill S. It’s small and weighs only 2.04 pound. Seems like it would be a nice fit for the fp, keeping the weight down and allowing for lots of flexibility.

    But I’m also considering a monopod with a fluid head, like the one ifootage makes.

    I have a nice tripod but it’s heavy and cumbersome so I tend to leave it in the closet.

    I wish I could get along with handheld shots using the LCF-11 viewfinder and handle, but I know that’s going to be shaking using CinemaDNG raw since electronic stabilization is disabled with that.

    You could also use Resolve or Mercalli EZ for stabilization.


      Hi -- while stabilization in post is certainly possible, the motion blur from shaky handheld footage can be a problem. A small gimbal makes sense, although I have enough battery-operated equipment to deal with so I have a Glidecam for stabilization. No batteries needed and the footage usually looks more natural than what you get with a gimbal, but it's not as portable and you definitely need both hands to fly it. If you use a wide-angle lens and a relatively small aperture (to increase the range of things that are in-focus) it's quite usable. I don't have a Sigma fp yet but am saving up for it as it seems ideal for my purposes; once I get it I'll try it on my Glidecam.

      The main issue I'd worry about is weight: you might actually have to add weight to the fp+lens combination to get the Glidecam to balance properly. Adding a monitor/recorder would probably do it, and/or a rig with rails. My old original Pocket Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design with an SLR Magic 10mm lens is at the lowest weight for balancing on my Glidecam.
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